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Malegra 50-100

The drug was manufactured in India by Laboratories. Valid for 4 hours; effect occurs approximately 50 minutes after ingestion. The main active ingredient is Sildenafil 100 mg. Form release – pills in a blister. Possible side effects; There are contraindications. Before use, read the instructions. Modern rhythm of life, stress,…

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Malegra Capsules

If you think Malegra is still your father’s blue pill, and no more, well, Playboy King Hugh Hefner called it in 1998 as the “best legal recreational drug” that is used today by young partygoers as an antidote to the effects of alcohol and club of drugs. Online pharmacies sell…

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Malegra 100mg

Generic Malegra 100 mg (eng. Viagra 100 mg) – generic, analogue of Viagra tablets. The active ingredient of the drug, sildenafil. Production, India. It is released without a prescription. Allowed to take only men from 18 years. Valid in 40 minutes from the moment of reception, within 8 – 10…

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Malegra India

We present another generic of the famous drug from the Indian medical company. This company is fairly well known on the international market of generics and its products are reliable, effective and safe, as evidenced by numerous international certificates. So, the new high-quality generic drug Viagra – Malegra-100 perfectly helps…

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Malegra effective

This is a fairly well-known company in the international pharmaceutical market and all its products are reliable, effective and safe. High quality international certificates confirm it. Malegra – the most popular drug to increase potency. The active substance of Viagra is sildenafil. By its action, it increases the blood flow…

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