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Malegra 100

Malegra 100 – a drug for the normalization of male sexual potency.

This is an analogue, a generic drug of the world-famous means – Viagra. The attractiveness of these drugs is that they have a similar effect to the original, but they can be purchased relatively cheaply. This benefit is mainly due to the absence of a “mark-up for the brand”. In this case, the quality of the drug will meet the standards.
The active substance of the means Malegra 100 is sildenafil.

The number “100” in the title indicates its quantitative content in one tablet. This is the average dose, which, according to the experience of specialists, is used in most patients.
Sildenafil was originally developed as a cardiovascular drug that improves blood circulation. But he showed the effect of active blood filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis and, as a consequence, increased erection. It was this ability of the drug that turned out to be more in demand and manufacturers of Viagra and its generics, including Malegra 100, relied on it.
It is important to understand that the medicine helps it functionally, strengthening and maintaining a stable erection. Accordingly, it can be used for various problems, for example, related to the psychological state – this tool will still “work”.
Erectile dysfunction of varying degrees due to various causes.
Classically, it is considered right to start taking sildenafil at a dose of 50 mg one hour before the expected sexual intercourse. When using tablets Malegra 100 you need to divide it in half. Note that the drug shows effectiveness at the moment when you should have a natural erection. That is, at the time of psychological and physical sexual stimulation. Otherwise, the dose you take will simply affect your entire cardiovascular system.
Most patients from a dose of 50 mg go to receive 100 mg, that is, 1 tablet Malegra, an hour before sex. If you feel side effects, it makes sense to reduce the amount of sildenafil to 25 mg (1/4 tablet).
Contraindicated in:
disorders of the anatomy of the penis; blood diseases, including leukemia, hemophilia, anemia, and so on; various cardiovascular diseases; ulcerative lesions of the digestive tract; severe pathologies of the liver or kidneys; pigment rhinitis; in conjunction with other drugs that correct erectile function, cardiovascular system, some antiviral drugs.

Side effects and overdose.
The most frequent undesirable actions of Malegra 100 are associated with fluctuations in blood pressure, headache, sensations of fever and flushing of the face. If you experience these symptoms, reduce the dosage of the drug. In addition, you may feel dizzy, decreased visual acuity. In rare cases, vomiting and seizures were observed.
Accepting an overdose of Malegra 100 usually results in the pronounced side effects described above. But if you have heart or vascular problems, overdose experiments can be dangerous.
Remember: an increase in the amount of the drug does not lead to increased erection.

Reviews about Malegra 100.
When men share their opinions about this tool, they often discuss precisely the question of its dosing. Although on the tablets of Malegra 100 there are no special “risks” for their division into parts, many patients quite reasonably use reduced doses of medication:
I had noticeable side effects from the whole pill. Little joy when your head breaks during sex. It was established experimentally that from a quarter an erection is the same, but I feel fine.
I advise everyone to divide the tablet Malegra into parts. Firstly, it is safer, and secondly – more economical.
After a whole pill, it put a sore nose all night long. More such dose did not drink.

Here is another opinion:
From Viagra there were strong side effects with pressure, tides of redness.

But from Malegra 100 – nothing happened, although in a hurry I drank a whole pill.
Indeed, often analogs of drugs have a slightly different effect on different patients, despite the fact that they have the same active substance.

Therefore, sometimes you have to try a few generics to find the most effective and safe for a particular organism.