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Malegra 100mg

Generic Malegra 100 mg (eng. Viagra 100 mg) – generic, analogue of Viagra tablets.

The active ingredient of the drug, sildenafil.

Production, India. It is released without a prescription. Allowed to take only men from 18 years. Valid in 40 minutes from the moment of reception, within 8 – 10 hours. Causes for the duration of 2 – 3 erections. Increases the duration of sex, from 40 to 60 minutes.

Action Generic Malegra 100mg.
Viagra 100 tablets are prescribed, it is recommended to take men with a weak erection under stress, and chronic fatigue. After a strong physical exhaustion, with a sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep and abuse of any bad habits.
The drug helps to normalize the libido, and increases the potency. Beneficial effect on the body in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other symptoms of impotence associated with age-related changes in the body.

The power of action.
Viagra tablets 100 enhance blood circulation in the pelvic organs, thereby simplifying the process of erection formation. Strengthen sexual desire. Improve the severity of sexual sensations. Under the influence of Viagra, the physical endurance of the reproductive system becomes stable, achieving an erection is simple, and sexual intercourse is truly enjoyable.

Dosage and method of use of tablets Malegra 100 mg.
Generics are allowed to consume no more than 1 tablet per day.
The tablets are washed down with plain drinking water or other soft drinks. Not compatible with alcohol. Incompatible with low alcohol drinks.

Viagra with a concentration of 100 mg of the active substance has contraindications. The drug is forbidden to take with anesthetics, strong painkillers, antibiotics, sleeping pills and drugs, which include nitrates.

Doctors recommend.
In a weakened body, Viagra can cause severe dizziness and intermittent drowsiness.
For the duration of the drug, be sure to give up driving a car.
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