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Malegra (Sildenafil and Dapoxetine)
Drug of double action. Contains two active ingredients: sildenafil and dapoxetine.
Sildenafil is the same substance found in Viagra. Once in the gastrointestinal tract, it quickly resolves, penetrates the bloodstream and, with minimal sexual arousal, causes a strong erection. Take it for half an hour to an hour before sexual intercourse.
The second ingredient, less famous dapoxetine – a substance that reduces the sensitivity of the penis. It acts a little faster than Viagra, but in combination these two substances prolong active physical sexual contact several times.
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To get rid of two problems at once, it is enough to buy Malegra.
Malegra (Sildenafil Citrate & Dapoxetine Tablets) Generic Malegra 100 mg and Dapexetine 30 mg.
With all the variety of drugs to prolong sex, the problem that has arisen remains. Many men, having failed to find a suitable tool, cannot enjoy and give pleasure as much as necessary. And then there are problems with insufficient erection.


What to do?
When it is necessary to prolong the act and increase the potency, Malegra will become the best assistant. This unique tool combines the power of two active ingredients at once. The composition of these tablets included Sildenafil and Dapoxetine. Now you do not need to worry about time, you just need to relax and enjoy. Time is enough, and the erection will not fail.

It is enough to buy yes zeara and get rid of two problems at once. Sildenafil effectively enhances the blood flow in the penis, so soon after taking the corpus cavernosum is saturated with blood in excess, and the result is a reliable and long lasting erection. Dapoxetine, in turn, slightly reduces the sensuality of the erogenous zones, just enough so that sex becomes 2-3 times longer.

Unlike most herbal preparations, Malegra acts almost instantly.

Half an hour after taking the man begins to feel a surge of energy and feel the tonic effect of the drug. No need to buy tons of pills. Enough Malegra to buy and forget about the problems. Slightly bitter taste of the product confirms its naturalness. There are no sweeteners or artificial taste softeners in the product.


This is another plus Da Malegra.
The drug is an absolute copy of the patented counterparts. Going to meet the consumer, many pharmaceutical manufacturing companies began to make copies of the popular, but unattainably expensive tablets. Generic Malegra contains 50mg of Sildenafil and as much as 30 mg of Dapoxetine. Such a “cocktail” will cheer you up and give you 4 hours of incessant sex. However, note that the speed depends on the fat content and abundance of food.


The tighter the lunch, the more time it took.
Sometimes, especially with an overdose, Malegra can cause unpleasant dizziness and a slight headache. Therefore, you should not exceed the maximum daily dose of Yes Malegra, which is a maximum of 1 tablet. It is not yet known how alcohol affects the action of the remedy, so refrain from spirits while taking the remedy. In addition, if you have varying degrees of heart, liver, and kidney problems, consult your GP before you take Malegra.